Welcome to our Primary Care Center


We are a dynamic, modern single-specialty practice delivering high quality individualized health care at our convenient location in Citrus Heights, California.

Founded with the mission of redefining quality healthcare ONE patient at a time, we utilize the latest in medical technology and medical treatments at our state of the art facility. Our medical office is approved and certified by the Department of Health Care Services of State of California.

Our approach to medicine is patient centered. As your partners in healthcare, we offer our patients a unique personalized medical service. This personalized service will give you more convenience, more time, personal attention and access to your medical provider!

Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver the highest quality in primary medicine by meeting the needs of our patients in a patient-centered, attentive, and collaborative way. Our practice focuses on providing well-coordinated care with a high level of individualized attention. In contrast to many traditional practices, our physician takes the extra time to make sure we attend to the comprehensive management of each patient’s particular needs.

Our Vision

At our practice, each and every patient is seen as a unique individual, whose unique needs will be met with the highest quality of primary medical care and geriatric medicine. Our physician consistently provides superior treatment taking the time to evaluate and attend to our patients’ wellness.

Our Medical Practice Highlights: