Illness Prevention

The goal of our medical doctor with preventive medicine or preventative health care is to ensure your well-being. We do this by promoting a healthy lifestyle, and monitoring and tracking your health to prevent illness and diseases that can be caught and arrested early in the disease process.

Disease and disability are the result of a host of interlocking causes and include such factors as family history, lifestyle choices and various disease agents. Our physician will evaluate and weigh all these elements and provide a pathway to help you stay healthy.

What to Expect

This starts with yearly physical exams, which are an essential piece of the preventive healthcare model. These annual examinations are an excellent monitoring and detection tool for physician. During your checkup, our medical doctor will consider your vital signs and family history while also collecting information regarding the heart, lungs, head, neck, and your overall appearance. In addition, our physician will assess nerves, reflexes, and balance, as well as examine other systems and parts of the body. Blood work will also be done.

As your partner in healthcare, our doctor excels in helping his patients meet their weight-loss goals. He is experienced in formulating weight control plans that are geared toward attaining and maintaining a healthy body-mass index. Our physician will take the necessary time to develop a tailored strategy for your long-term health and wellness.

Additionally, we offer vaccinations as needed as a part of a wellness plan and/or in preparation for planned overseas travel. Vaccinations help to avoid unnecessary ailments and potential hospitalizations, as they increase the body’s ability to fight diseases that may be contagious or even fatal. Vaccinations against hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, meningitis, rabies, diphtheria, polio, shingles, and others may be recommended or required before traveling to certain countries.

It is essential that patients take a proactive approach in their healthcare, and open dialogue is the rule and questions are strongly encouraged. Our goal is to empower and partner with our patients. Effective medicine means building trust through meaningful and compassionate care, and is a significant step in creating a plan for long-term health.