As our patient, you can expect a refreshing approach to healthcare delivery that focuses on disease prevention and treatment. Whether for heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, or any number of long-term health issues, our patients can rest assured that our physician and staff are committed to providing the highest quality of primary care and course of action for optimized health and well-being in the future.

Moreover, we are committed to provide not only the highest quality of primary MEDICAL CARE, but also the highest quality of CUSTOMER SERVICE, which is often overlooked by traditional medicine approach.

Our medical practice with our physician and staff are committed to provide the highest level of customer service, and below is our promise to you:

  • QUICK APPOINTMENT AVAILABILITY: We schedule appointments within the first two weeks from the date our patients call us; no booking of visits months out.
  • EASY TO SCHEDULE: We offer easy and fast ways to schedule your appointments through our website, by text messaging or by phone.
  • QUICK RESPONSE: We respond quickly – we do not put our patients “on-hold” when they call or message us.
  • FAST SERVICE: Our patients do not wait in the lobby – we room them quickly. We expect our patients to arrive on-time; by the same token, we believe to provide them service on-time as well.
  • WE DO NOT RUSH: Our doctor does not rush from one patient to another. We give you all the time that you need to speak to your doctor.
  • ONLY PHYSICIAN LEVEL TREATMENT FOR PATIENTS: All our patients are treated by a medical doctor, not a physician assistant (PA) or a nurse practitioner (NP). Physicians undergo through longer education and more extensive training than a PA or NP does.  Thus, all of our patients receive care from a physician level medical professional.  When your insurance or you pay for a doctor’s visit, then why not to have that visit with a physician-level professional.
  • MEDICATIONS ON-TIME: We go extra mile for our patients to ensure that their medications are received by their pharmacies ACCURATELY and ON-TIME. We know well how frustrating it can be when patients drive to their pharmacies to get their medications filled and are told that the pharmacy has not received their doctor’s prescription.
  • CLEAN & COZY OFFICE: Our office is clean and cozy – we give our patients sense of comfort and boutique-private-office experience.